Policy A-12 Centennial Pool Closure Due to Inclement Weather

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Preamble: Due to minimum staff and low attendance in inclement weather, it would be cost effective and practical to close the pool to the public if the weather is uncomfortable for swimming.

Policy: That the Centennial Pool may be closed to the public at 12:00 pm if conditions warrant.

The Pool Manager has the authority to close the pool provided that the following is adhered to:

  1. The Pool Manager has the authority to close the pool, but will send a courtesy e-mail to the commission members and the CCRD office.
  2. Notice of Closure will be posted in a conspicuous location at the pool and will include apologies to the public for any inconvenience
  3. It is understood that pool employees will not be compensated for periods of closure when they are not in attendance at the pool.

Date: August 09, 1994

Amended: November 14, 2013